Guidelines:  Parents and players are expected to support their Coach and IMPACT guidelines.  Any discussion with Coaches regarding playing time at a tournament is strictly prohibited.  Questions or concerns regarding your child’s participation at practice or tournaments, or issues with another player will be brought to the Club Director’s attention first.  The Coach’s responsibility is to coach, not to baby-sit.  If a child is not cooperating during practice or at a tournament, the matter will be brought to the Club Director by the Coach and will be addressed accordingly.

  • The first incident will be addressed in a Player/Coach meeting.
  • The second incident will be addressed in a Parent/Player/Coach/Director meeting.
  • The third incident will result in a suspension from team practices and tournaments.
  • If a player or parent is unhappy and leaves during a tournament, the player will not be allowed to return to the team for the remainder of the season.

Attitude is a critical part of any team’s success and we believe that the quality of your attitude will determine the quality of your outlook towards the team goal.  We understand the competitive nature of the game but negative attitudes on and off the court with teammates or opposing players will not be tolerated.

“We ask every member of IMPACT to bring a positive attitude to every practice and every tournament.   Attitudes are contagious, and every action has a reaction, so please let yours be a positive one for your team and for our organization”.

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