Practice Times & Locations


2021-2022 Practice Schedules

  • Teams will practice twice a week at the Lutheran High School or at TMI on designated weekdays and weekends.
  • Every member of every team is expected to attend every practice.  We understand that certain situations are beyond your control such as illness, family emergencies, and school functions.  Should any of these situations arise, you are expected to notify your Coach at your earliest opportunity.
  • Unexcused absences and tardiness may result in extra conditioning and may affect your child’s tournament playing time.  Each situation will be handled individually, and will be addressed by the Coach.
  • Practices will be held at the Lutheran High School (LHS) and at TMI.
  • LHS is located at 18104 Babcock Rd – TMI is located at 20955 W Tejas Trl.
  • Please keep in mind that we practice at private school facilities and that gym availability can change.
  • If your practice is cancelled or if your practice time changes, you will be notified in advance.
  • Cancelled practices will be made up at a later date.
  • Only water is allowed in the gyms and all trash must be picked up after each team’s practice.
  • Teams will not practice on December 24th, December 25th, December 31st or January 1st

Facility Guidelines @ TMI:

  • All parents driving through the gate will need a valid driver’s license.
  • Please allow time to pass through security. 
  • TMI will schedule the gate to be open for all practices.  
  • The gate does not retract so please do not attempt to enter or exit while the gate is closing.  Neither TMI nor IMPACT Volleyball will be responsible for any damages caused.
  • IMPACT players and parents will have access to the bathrooms located in the lower level but are not allowed to be in any other part of the building except the gymnasiums and lobby areas.


1111-3 pm @LHS  6-8 pm @TMI 
121 6-8 pm @TMI 7-9 pm @TMI 
1221-3pm @ LHS 6-8 pm @TMI  
131 6-8 pm @TMI 6-8 pm @TMI 
1323-5 pm @LHS   6-8 pm @TMI
1333-5 pm @LHS 6-8 pm @TMI  
141  7-9 pm @TMI 7-9 pm @TMI
142 6-8 pm @TMI 7-9 pm @TMI 
1435-7 pm @LHS   7-9 pm @TMI
151 8-10 pm @TMI  7-9 pm @LHS
152 7-9 pm @TMI 8-10 pm @TMI 
153 7-9 pm @TMI  8-10 pm @TMI
154  7-9 pm @TMI  8-10 pm @TMI
161 7-9 pm @LHS 7-9 pm @LHS 
171 7-9 pm @LHS 7-9 pm @LHS 
181  8-10pm @TMI 7-9 pm @LHS

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